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Meet Dr Ulf Schmitz

Centenary Institute - Medical Research
Dr Ulf Schmitz has always enjoyed music and playing guitar.

Learn more about his work at the Computational BioMedicine Laboratory.

Hi I’m Dr Ulf Schmitz and I lead the Computational BioMedicine Research Laboratory at Centenary.

I use machine learning, mathematical modelling and dynamic molecular simulations to better understand processes that control the activity of genes in our cells. When these processes work incorrectly, cancer and other diseases can be the result.

My latest project is investigating a gene-regulatory process known as ‘intron retention’, related to both breast cancer and leukaemia. Intron retention allows unwanted ‘junk DNA’ to enter the cell and it can play a critical role in cancer development. Insights gained from this project will hopefully improve treatments for these devastating diseases.

Outside of work and research, the guitar has always been a passion of mine. Over the years I’ve been in a number of bands playing a range of styles from soft rock and ballads through to hard rock, punk and metal. 

It was always a thrill to play gigs in front of hundreds of people but my main enjoyment was playing music and hanging out with my friends.

Now my band days are behind me but I still love to play the acoustic guitar at home. I enjoy playing songs from bands such as Biffy Clyro (a Scottish rock band), Frank Turner, and Pearl Jam. 

I see music as a release. It helps clear my head and is fantastic at reducing stress.

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